Uncle Davey’s Civil War Shop!

Hi, this is a new thing I’m doing for history, I’m going to go antiquing (I
LOVE antiques) once and a while, and find a thing I like from a time era I’m
Recently, I’ve been studying a LOT about the Civil War, so I went to a
really cool Civil War shop! My dad was at work, but he would’ve LOVED it
because there was basically an ENTIRE ROOM devoted to knives and guns!

I really loved this section with all these knickknacks that the soldiers played with
for fun. After all, they were waiting a long time before they actually
fought, so they had these little games! There was a tiny chess set, some
dominoes, and little dice!

Full grown men at that time were practically my mom’s size (and my mom is
pretty short!), so they had tiny things. Plus, when you’re moving to
different places to fight, you need to be able to pack your bag easily, with
lightweight things. I wound up getting a small box with a pin, some buttons,
and two dice!

The pin was a type of horn, representing the infantry.
There are three main types of soldiers (not horn blowers or any other kind
of person)- the men running on foot, (the infantry) , the people who rode on horses, (the cavalry), and the people who shot the cannons, (the artillery).
I really have no idea why the infantry used a horn as a symbol, but they would pin it on their hats.

There are four buttons in the box I bought, two on the top, (the black ones) have the American
eagle, and that’s the Union. The other two buttons don’t mean a THING!
People were just making buttons themselves, so they’ll have some type of
button! Those are the Confederacy buttons.

Actually, so many things in the war were homemade! Many people got killed by
their own side a lot (which is called a β€œFriendly Fire”), but not only just by missing the target! A lot of
soldiers didn’t have the typical uniforms, so they either wore casual
clothes, or they actually wore the uniforms from The Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then I have my two little dice!
Uncle Davey's thingy
I had a great time at Uncle Davey’s Civil War shop!


10 thoughts on “Uncle Davey’s Civil War Shop!

  1. What a neat experience, it sounds like you have learned quite a bit. Where there any other antiques you saw that you would have liked to add to your collection?

  2. Thanks for your wonderful report on Civil War life and times. It was very significant time in this country’s history, and antiquing sounds like a splendid way to learn about it up close. Love to all Harold

    On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 10:31 AM, ronenmarlowe

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